The palm grove of Elche and the white palm crafts + tasting

Unique experience in Spain

The palm grove of Elche, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000, is a group of palm orchards that extends throughout the city, creating a unique landscape for more than a thousand years.

The different orchards, of Arabic origin, were planted for agricultural purposes based on the structure of the oasis. Its disposition has been maintained throughout the centuries, currently consisting of almost almost 200,000 palm trees across over more than 3,500,000 square meters.

The palm tree in Elche has always had a variety of uses, being an essential raw material for the city. But if there is a use of the palm that makes it unique in the world, it is the handmade production of the white palm for Easter, obtained after nine months protected from sunlight.

This experience in Spain will allow us to dream among palm trees. We will move to the heart of the Mediterranean oasis finding examples of unique palms for their morphology or beauty.

We will visit a traditional craftsman workshop where the white palm is handled, an activity that is carried out by families and passed from parents to their children. We will become artisans of the white palm and, after a demonstration, we will create our own palm ornament guided by an expert palm craftswoman.

Finally, to better understand the importance of the palm tree in Elche, we will enjoy a tasting of all the delights provided by this tree, such as dates, date sweets and date liqueur.

To whom

If you want to discover a unique natural landscape inside a Spanish city, then this is your experience! If you like to know first-hand the traditions of the places you visit and look for direct contact with the local artisan, in his own workplace, come and let yourself be surprised by the palm trees and the customs that surround it.


– Walk through the palm grove of Elche, where we will make several stops to learn about the most important aspects of its history and characteristics that make it unique in the world.

– Visit to a traditional white palm workshop. We will learn about the processes followed to obtain the white palm and we will witness a demonstration of palm braiding.

– We will become artisans of the palm, creating our own white palm ornament.

– We will taste dates and the different products that are made with these fruits, accompanied by the typical date liquor.