The art of cutting Iberian ham with a knife. Master Class & tasting.


The Iberian ham is a Spanish gastronomic symbol, very appreciated and considered as an haute cuisine product. It comes from Iberian breed pigs, raised in freedom in wooded pastures where they benefit from a natural diet, a characteristic that gives the ham a distinctive flavour.

In this experience we will discover the last step so that an Iberian ham can conquer the most demanding palates: the skill with the knife and the art of cutting the ham in very thin slices by the hand of a master cutter.

During the experience, we will enjoy a tasting based on Iberian products accompanied by local wines.


To whom

If you are passionate about Spanish cuisine, then this is your experience! If you do not want to resign yourself with buying typical products from the places you visit, but you prefer being fully involved in the ritual that surrounds each tasting. Get ready to learn and have fun while enjoying an exceptional delicacy such as Iberian ham.


– You will explore the anatomy of the ham, the work tools, the way of cutting and plating.

– You will feel like a true master cutter, as you will actively participate in the cutting of the ham. You will be able to verify that cutting the ham, although it may seem complicated, is a simple process if you have the appropriate knowledge and the necessary safety measures.

– We will do a tasting to learn how to recognize the hints and flavours of the Iberian ham.

– We will enjoy a lunch based on  Spanish Iberian products and local wines.

– You will have the opportunity to buy ham or / and other products to enjoy them back home, with the best company. Now, you can show your friends your skill with the knife and the ham bone!


Duration: Approx 6 hours