Pilot for one day in Spain. Private flight & lunch.

Unique experience

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? Perhaps this is one of your most cherished childhood dreams. Now you can realize this dream and experience the feeling of flying an airplane in Spain, contemplating the contrasts between the coast and the interior of Alicante.

The experience “Pilot for one day” will allow you to admire the world under your feet and feel the mixture of freedom, adrenaline and tranquillity that is experienced in the clouds.

Before flying, you will receive a small theoretical class at the foot of the runway on the principles of flight and then a pre-flight briefing, which consists of the pre-flight aircraft inspection and a review of all the necessary instructions and safety measures.

3,2,1 … take off! Together with a professional pilot, you will enjoy a 45-minute practice class aboard a Tecnam P92 or Cessna 152, taking the controls like a real pilot.

It is also possible to choose other thematic flight types, in which you can get carried away and enjoy the breath taking views over Spain. From a privileged place you will be able to observe the majestic castles of the interior of Alicante, the imposing reservoirs … even make a very special flight in a historical airplane like the Bücker E1131, for military training.

For whom?

This is your experience if you want to enjoy a unique feeling of freedom. Ground your worries and feel like an eagle as you watch the different landscapes and feel the thrill of flying.


  • Arrival at the aerodrome, first contact with the facilities and a welcome drink.
  • Theoretical class and pre-flight briefing on the tarmac.
  • 45’ Practical flight class
  • Certificate of participation in the activity as a pilot for one day.


The activity can be carried out whenever the weather conditions are permissible. One to three people per flight. The co-pilot will be the person who will participate by taking the controls.