Pottery studio experience

Visit to a traditional pottery studio, one of the oldests where the best quality mud and ancient techniques still remain. Get muddy and enjoy the experience of creating something with your own hands like a real potter.

The pottery produced in Alicante is mainly known for white “botijos”, which conserve water at a lower temperature than the environment thanks to the porosity of the ceramic that allows evaporation. These unique pieces have been used in homes all over Spain and also in the south of France, north of Africa and America.

Currently, these pieces are no longer essential items but handicrafts. However, it is very common finding a botijo in Spanish county houses.

For whom?

If you are passionate about traditions and want to feel the mud on your hands, then this is your experience. Enjoy with this unique craft, part of the mediterranean culture.


  • Traditional pottery studio
  • Direct contact with the artisan
  • Create your own pot
  • Local typical lunch. Special bread served with cold cuts and salted fish, a must after the pottery!